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 How Should We choose and Buy the Beam Sharpy? NEWS

200W Beam Light or we can call it 5R Beam Light. The reason  is because of the lamp model of Clay Paky Sharpy: Philips MSD Platinum 5R.

There are three versions on the market: Philips, Yodn, Osram.

 Here I would like to focus on Philips lamp and Osram.

Now, every factory says they use the Philips MSD Platinum 5R, but they will provide the Philips UHP Lamp(projector lamp) when shipped the devices. The price gap between 5R and UHP is highly at 200USD, so is the difference of lifespan and effect. Attached the pictures for some customers who is not clear about the technical things to avoid being cheated.

Nowadays, many different prices on the Beam Sharpy on Chinese market: three to four hundred dollars, five to six hundred dollars, even there are one thousand dollars price.  All the same 200W Beam, why there is there such a different price gap?

No.1 Different Glass Lens(Glass optical lens&Fresnel plastic lens)

Glass lens use three glass to one combination with expensive price and effective optic. Fresnel lens is only with one cheap acryl lens, it will be yellowing ,easy to be broken and dirty after being used some time.

No.2 Different motor (3-phase motor&2-phase motor)

Due to the heavy 3in1 glass lens, the pan&tilt movement speed is getting more difficult. The 3 phase motor provides more power than 2-phase motor and perfect performance in rotating speed and emergency stop. As its expensive price, the factories who sell the Beam Sharpy in middle prices are using the 2-phase motor. But XY rotation principle depends on the cooperation of  program and motors, it will be out of step and inaccurate positioning if there is a little deviation.

 But we have a professional R&D team, design the PCB mainboard, program and device mould by ourselves. We use the 2-phase motor, but as we designed the program and PCB independently, our XY rotating can also reach the same effect as the one used by 3-phase motor. Our maximum speed for Pan needs 2.53 seconds, slower 0.08sec than Clay Paky Sharpy. The maximum speed for Tilt is 1.32sec, only slower 0.02sec than Clay Paky Sharpy.

No.3 Different prism effect

The 8-facet prism is standard configuration for Sharpy Beam, but not standardizing for prism zoom effect(Channel 7). Prism zoom effect can make the gobo become big and small with the prism rotating and prism shaking to show a 3D& dreamlike effect.



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